Vrouwelijke DJ Eno-C & VJ Edskea

A perfect mix of music and visuals

Hoor DJ Eno-C & zie VJ Edskea

Twee dames met jarenlange internationale ervaring, komen samen in deze performance. Hartverwarmende beats en sensuele beelden maken uw feest tot een aangenaam verrassende ervaring.

DjNVjE meet: DJ Eno-C & VJ Edskea.

About Edskea’s art work gives visual meaning to events, by giving vision to your story or product. For example she made of gar-bitch visuals backing up a recycle fashion concept.  Edskea is gifted with teamwork skills and visual empathy. She uses out of the box way of looking at life and creating in a problem solution orientated way. Edskea is a 21st century skilled artist.

HOW – Edskea works in front of live audiences with self created Digital Motion Visuals, projected on enormous screens

WHERE – You can find Edskea’s work everywhere museums, galleries, private collections, events. With over a decade of worldwide experience in using Digital Art as a communication tool

COMMERCIAL CLIENTS – Monique Collignon, HedKandi, GoldFish, Heineken, Buddha2Buddha, Philips, Id&t, Dance4Life, MasterPeace, Pax-it, Bevrijdings Pop, Playboy Vimpelcom

LOCATIONS – ClubQueen Paris France, ClubBed Miami FL, Guadalajara Mexico, Cape-town SouthAfrica, Jamaica, Dortmund, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Krefeld, Barcelona, Jimmies Cannes, The Netherlands.

HOT STUFF – opening ADE’10 Melkweg, Cooperating with Tiesto for fashionshow’15 and Dance4Life’02/’07, winner twix ID&T talent award, startup Dance4Life, live performance Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Campagne for MasterPeace with house of parliament, Residence club BED Miami

WEIRDEST JOB ever – “Once did a live performance on driving truck while pregnant, with a giant screen on the side of the truck, mixing my visuals with live camera feed of crowed beside the road. At Rotterdamse  at Fast Forward”

MUSEUMS – Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, Wereld Museum Rotterdam

GALLERIES – Cieremans Rotterdam, Appel Arts Center Amsterdam, de Zaaiier Amsterdam